7 Signature Wedding Cocktails for Your Midwest Wedding

November 28, 2023

Planning a Midwest wedding? Indiana is known for Hoosier hospitality, and the team at BASH is no exception. Our staff are experts at hosting Carmel, IN weddings and celebrating the love of each and every couple who walks through our doors.

One of our favorite ways to make your big day special is creating a signature cocktail inspired by your love story. Whether you want a spin on a classic cocktail like a margarita or mule, or a colorful cocktail to match your wedding colors, BASH Beverage is ready to create cocktail recipes that your wedding guests will love. 

BASH’s Beverage team has come up with endless cocktail ideas for signature wedding drinks over the years, from lighting and refreshing options with lavender or citrus for a Summer wedding, to a cocktail made with dark rum or champagne to celebrate a Winter wedding. 

You know about the mojito, the martini, and the aperol spritz. Let’s check out these five unique signature drinks created by BASH Beverage that your guests can enjoy during cocktail hour and beyond!

Woman holding a lime green cocktail at an event at BASH

Hoosier Heritage: Rye Whiskey + Apple Cider + Lemon Juice + Maple Syrup + Rosemary Sprig

Fall is the most popular season to get married in Carmel, Indiana, and this is one of the best wedding cocktails to serve during the season. Each sip of this sweet yet refreshing cocktail will pair perfectly with wedding cake! 

Grapefruit Old Fashioned: Bourbon + Maple Syrup + Grapefruit Juice + Bitters + Grapefruit Peel + Cherry

This spirit-forward cocktail really is all that with a cherry on top. A unique twist on a classic old fashioned, this cocktail in a coupe glass with ice will impress every guest at your wedding! 

Pink cocktail at BASH in Carmel, Indiana
Photo: Rakoteet Photography

Bourbon Bramble: Bourbon + Blackberry Syrup + Lemon Juice + Blackberries

Carmel, IN may be in the Midwest, but in the Summer it can feel more like a Southern wedding! The Bourbon Bramble is a popular wedding cocktail for all seasons, making it the perfect signature drink for your wedding. This fruity cocktail goes over well with guests, and can even be garnished with edible flowers!

Blackberry bourbon bramble at BASH in Carmel, IN
Photo: Rakoteet Photography

Colts Blue Crush: Vodka + Blue Curacao + Sour Mix + Lemon-Lime Soda + Lemon 

Having a destination wedding? BASH Beverage will make the Colts Blue Crush in a cocktail shaker and top with soda for a refreshing wedding bar treat. The color of this cocktail is sure to catch everyone’s eye! 

Indiana Shandy: Vodka + Lemonade + Sun King Wheat Beer

Treat your guests to a local beer — with a twist. The Indiana Shandy tastes like Summer in a glass, and is the perfect way to creatively incorporate local beers from Sun King into your wedding day. Garnish with an orange peel to perfect this signature cocktail recipe.

Sun King Beer at BASH in Carmel, Indiana
Photo: Rakoteet Photography

Cheers to your Carmel, IN Wedding

BASH’s Beverage team is available to create the wedding cocktail of your dreams, whether it features vodka, rum, gin, bourbon, or tequila, that matches you and your partner’s preferences. Contact our dedicated team to learn more about BASH’s Beverage services.