The 5 Biggest Wedding Mistakes According to Our Carmel, IN Event Planner

May 2, 2024

Planning a wedding in the charming city of Carmel, Indiana, is an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities. From picturesque venues to top-notch vendors, Carmel offers a beautiful backdrop for your special day. However, amidst the excitement, it’s crucial to steer clear of common mistakes that can derail your wedding plans. 

As experienced wedding planners at 828 Planning, Madison and Addison have seen it all. Here are the biggest mistakes couples can make for their Carmel wedding:

Wedding ceremony and reception setup at BASH
Photography: Matthew Orabaugh Photo

1. Underestimating Traffic on Key Routes

Carmel is located North of the Indianapolis metropolitan area, where traffic congestion can be a concern, especially during peak commuting hours or during major events. Couples may overlook this when selecting ceremony and reception venues, or forget about guests coming from Indianapolis International Airport. It’s essential to consider traffic patterns, large events, and select venues that are easily accessible. If you know of a large event taking place on the same day of your wedding, be sure to provide guests with a heads up and alternative routes to avoid delays.

2. Ignoring Noise Ordinances

Carmel, like many cities, has noise ordinances in place particularly in residential areas. Couples planning outdoor ceremonies or receptions may overlook these ordinances and risk violating noise restrictions, which can lead to complaints from neighbors or even fines. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with local noise regulations and work with your venue to ensure compliance, such as adjusting the timing of events or using sound barriers if necessary.

3. Forgetting About Parking Availability

While parking is not as much of an issue in Carmel as it can be in Indianapolis, it can be something to consider if your venue is taking place in a popular area. Couples may overlook the importance of adequate parking for their guests when selecting a venue, leading to frustration and inconvenience on the wedding day. Consider providing valet services or shuttle transportation to ensure a smooth experience for guests.

Wedding party taking photos in Carmel, IN
Photography: Matthew Orabaugh Photo

4. Underestimating Accommodation Demand

Carmel attracts visitors for various events and attractions throughout the year, leading to high demand for hotel accommodations, especially during peak wedding season. Couples may underestimate the need to secure hotel room blocks for their guests in advance, resulting in limited availability or higher rates. It’s advisable to reserve hotel room blocks well in advance to ensure your guests have convenient and affordable lodging options.

5. Overlooking Local Attractions for Guests

Carmel offers a range of attractions and activities for guests to enjoy before or after the wedding festivities, including art galleries, shopping districts, and beautiful parks. However, couples may overlook these local attractions when planning their wedding itinerary, leaving guests with limited options for entertainment. Consider providing guests with a list of recommended activities to showcase the charm of Carmel during their visit.

By avoiding these common mistakes and enlisting the help of experienced professionals like those at 828 Planning, couples can navigate wedding planning in Carmel with confidence. Contact the experts at 828 Planning to ensure your wedding receives careful planning and attention to detail.